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Jaime A. Headden wrote:

  Carpenter (1997) and in-person on the list, has
reminded us that the holotype of *Gojirasaurus* has
teeth, which are distinctly coelophysoid in form and
are large enough to pertain to the holotype (a larger
form than *Coelophysis* and different from
*Dilophosaurus*) so thus ruling out the edentulous

You're probably correct, and Ken Carpenter I'm sure knows more about _Gojirasaurus_ than anyone. But, as I said previously, discovering a single coelophysoid-like tooth near a postcranium (even if that postcranium is coelophysoid) is no 100% guarantee that the two come from the same animal. Remember those teratosaurids - carnivore teeth associated with prosauropod postcrania.

I'd bet the tooth does belong to _Gojirasaurus_, but only further discoveries will settle the matter for sure.


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