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Re: ceratopsian eggs?

    The type of eggs initially identified as from Protoceratops have now
been definitely and conclusively assigned to an Oviraptor.

    If fact, having carefully read both of the technical books that have
been published on dinosaur eggs, I can find nothing in either which suggests
that embryonic Ceratopsians have been found in association with any known
type of fossil egg.  Therefore, we can also not be sure about the shape or
nature of Ceratopsian nests -- if, indeed, they existed as soil
modifications made my the animals.

    Someone please correct me if I am mistaken.

    My two cents worth,

    Ray Stanford

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The only ceratopsian eggs I can recall are Protoceratops.  (Did any of
those eggs actually belong to a Protoceratops, or were they actually
Oviraptor?)  Those eggs were oblong, a foot long (I think) and had a
texture slightly more bumpy then a chicken egg, but not REALLY bumpy.