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Re: Betty

She seemed to be a very nice, knowledgable person. I never met her in person but would have liked to and always enjoyed her posts. It startled me to read (not long after I got back online and started College) that she'd died...
I kinda must've been thinking all you dino-listers'd always just Be there, as stupid as that might've seemed. I haven't had much exposure to Death, so I was a bit shocked that Betty was.... dead.
Sickness, illness-- those I can understand, but this seemed so sudden, unwarned!
I am sad that she is dead, and sad that I will never get to meet her IRL. She was an amazing person, as many of you are here. She, and you list members have been there to encourage me, patiently answering my (often) silly or rather... pointless/"Stupid"... questions, and I would like to thank you all for just taking the time to even *e-mail* me and reply to me on this list.
Again, Betty's voice'll be missed, as I would miss all of you should any of your voices be silenced here.

-Jessica Wagar

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