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Barum Brown

Hi, I have been asked by a friend to try and help him locate papers,
memorabilla, collection etc of Mr Barum Brown to be studied and placed
in a museum in Montana. He would appreciate any help the list can give.
Thanks, Ron

Barnum Brown (1873-1963)was a professional
paleontologist. He began work at the American Museum
of Natural History in New York in 1897 as an assistant
to Henry Fairfield Osborn,who was then director of the
museum.In 1905, Brown found the "first" T-Rex, and the
second one in 1908 -- both in Montana and both
incomplete. During the course of his life, Barnum
Brown discovered many species of dinosaurs, and named
quite a few as well. He named Anchiceratops (1914),
Ankylosaurus (1908),  Corythosaurus (1914),
Hypacrosaurus (1913), Kritosaurus (1910),
Leptoceratops (1914), Prosaurolophus (1916),
Saurolophus (1912),and the family  Ankylosauridae
(1908). He co-named Pachycephalosaurus(1943) and
Dromaeosaurus (1922) with E. M. Schlaikjer. I am
trying to find any Brown memorabilia,papers,maps,
personal artifacts etc. Most importantanly,his fossil
collection. All this will be collected and displayed
as the "Barnum Brown Exhibit" in the museum in
Montana. Any help or direction will be greatly
Cheers, Joe