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[Fwd: Hen's teeth (was Re: Vestigial horse toes - Follow-up.]

Betty Cunningham
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Edels wrote:
> Gould also talks about some work done to cause hen's teeth to grow, as well
> as some related topics.  Even though the publication is 16 years old, it
> still has some valuable insights and information.

A much more recent experiment has been recently done to grow Hen's
A research group restored the protein required to grow teeth that birds
have lost the genetic ability to produce (so they are no longer are able
to produce teeth), and placed it in chicken embryos and voila! they grew

PALEONEWS 8.29.2000

SJ Mercury News: Researchers coax tooth buds to grow in chicken embryos
Presumably, birds have retained the basic genetic apparatus for
developing teeth, even though they ceased to grow them some 60 million
years ago. But through a genetic change that occurred at that time, they
ceased to produce the vital BMP4 protein at the embryo's tooth-formation
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