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Re: ceratopsian eggs?

I recently had the opportunity to attend the AMNH's "Fighting Dinosaurs"
exhibit. While theropods were the bulk of the display, I was very happy to
see that protoceratopsians were the next best represented group.

In a small corner of the exhibit were a number of juvenile/baby/embyronic
protoceratopsian dinosaurs. They were not identified to genus (and I don't
think they were Protoceratops, although I could be wrong). Specimens
included an absolutely beautiful, nearly complete juvenile protoceratopsian
skeleton. I was especially struck by how long the forelimbs were on that
sucker--almost equal to hindlimb length! A "nest" containing a number of
juvenile protoceratopsians was also displayed. I can't remember if any eggs
were actually in there--I would have to refer back to my photographs.

On similar lines, I am not sure if any of these protoceratopsian eggs have
ever been described. I just obtained a copy of Ken Carpenter's _Eggs, Nests,
and Baby Dinosaurs_, but could find nothing other than a passing reference
to protoceratopsian eggs or nests.

Andy Farke
Andrew A. Farke
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>     Tracy reported, "But there are Protoceratopian eggs known."
>     Known by whom?  May we have a reference?
>     Thanks,
>     Ray Stanford