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Getting Gaia

Hello all;

There seems to be much anticipation regarding the upcoming "theropod" issue of -Gaia-. Unfortunately there's no outlet I know of on my part of the planet (London, Ontario, Canada) where I will be able to get a hold of it; the local university doesn't subscribe and the biggest magazine shop in town doesn't carry it either. I probably can't afford to subscribe myself but I could shell out for an issue. Can anyone out there tell me how I can get this particular issue once it comes out?

Thanks in advance,

P.S. I first learned of the Dinosaur Mailing List from a post by Betty some years ago on the rec.scalemodels group. I never corresponded with her personally, but I always enjoyed her posts to the List and had become a subscriber to Paleonews. It is strange to go through my e-mail without seeing her name in the 'from' column. She is missed, but from the volume and tone of the postings in response to the news of her death it is clear that she will be remembered.
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