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Ceratopsian eggs?

    Thanks for the references, Tracy.  I will try to access them.

    Meantime, playing devil's advocate and noting the dates (latest being
1996) on these, I wonder if these papers may have been prepared before the
authors realized that what were being called Protoceratopsian eggs are
actually those of Oviraptors.  Not having access the articles right  now, I
will reserve evaluation as to whether or not those were demonstrably
Protoceratopsian eggs, but can't help but notice that the titles make no
reference to Protoceratopsian embryos associated with the eggs.  Without
embryos, I would take specific identification of fossil eggs with a
healthy grain of salt.

    Could that be the reason why Kenneth Carpenter makes no reference to
demonstrably Protoceratopsian eggs in his recent book, EGGS, NESTS, AND BABY
DINOSAURS? (University of Indiana Press)?  It is a book I highly recommend,
and it must have taken a heck of a lot of work to put together.  See my
positive review of it at www.amazon.com .

    Any further light you can shed on this quandary, Tracy (or anyone else),
will be appreciated.


    Ray Stanford

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    >Tracy reported, "But there are Protoceratopian eggs known."

    Known by whom?  May we have a reference?<

Mikhailiov, Konstantin E., 1994. Theropod and Protoceratopsian Dinosaur eggs
from the Cretaceous of Mongolia and Kazakhstan. Paleontological Journal
Volume 28, Number 2: 101-120.

Mikhailov, Konstantin E., 1995. Systematic, Faunistic and Stratigraphic
diversity of Cretaceous eggs in Mongolia: Comparison with China.  Sixth
Symposium on Mesozoic Terrestrial Ecosystems and Biota, Short Papers, Edited
by Ailing Sun and Yuanqing Wang, Published by China Ocean Press, Beijing:

Mikhailov, Konstantin E., 1996. New Genera of Fossil Eggs from the Late
Cretaceous of Mongolia. Paleontological Journal, Volume 30, Number 2: