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RE: Barum Brown

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> Barnum Brown (1873-1963)was a professional
> paleontologist. He began work at the American Museum
> of Natural History in New York in 1897 as an assistant
> to Henry Fairfield Osborn,who was then director of the
> museum.In 1905, Brown found the "first" T-Rex, and the
> second one in 1908 -- both in Montana and both
> incomplete.

The correct date for the discovery of the type specimen of T. rex by Brown
is 1902, and of the "second" specimen (the type of Dynamosaurus imperiosus)
is 1900.  However, neither specimen was described until 1905.

Furthermore, both Marsh & Cope examined and described T. rex material in the
1890s, so Brown's specimens were not "the first".

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