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        Although at this point I'm sure Betty would, quite blushingly, ask
us to please get on with the business of the list, I have a pair of brief

1) That a list should be prepared on whatever web page we might have for
the dinosaur list (forgive my ignorance) of Listmembers Emeritus. Further,
I propose that that Betty's name, along with a sentence or two of her 
biography and contributions to the list should be added. Although I am
sure the dinosaur list was a small part of her life, she has taken a piece
of the list with her, and I believe it should be memorialised.

2) That an official Dinosaur List award, the "Betty" be established. Said
award could be some small token, perhaps a dinosaur eraser or
(appropriately) a token of dinosaur animation, and would be bestowed each
year at the dinolist gathering upon the recipient. Said recipient would be
an that amateur listmember who is felt to have best exemplified the
qualities which Betty Cunningham brought to the list, including
dissemination of timely information, inquisitiveness, a willingness to
contribute to discussions and understand concepts beyond her present
knowledge, and/or a merry disposition which brightens the list
and contributes to the happiness of all members.
        The awardee would be chosen by a committee of the list's
professionals appointed by Mickey or some other authority (I nominate Tom
Holtz as the obvious choice to be the first chair), from a pool
confidentially nominated by any listmember two months in advance of the
SVP meeting. The chair would then present this award at the dinolist
award breakfast.
        Since SVP is less than two months off, and most of the list's
professionals (and grad student types) are either preparing for the
meeting or for other things (sorry, folks, I have to write my thesis!), I
suggest that the process be circumvented and the list move to unanimously
select Mary Kirkaldy as the first dinosaur list Betty recipient. I do not
believe that any list member could question Mary's devotion to the this
list, both in providing information content and organizational support far
above and beyond the call of duty, always signed with a "best feathered
dino wishes."

        I see no reason why we cannot take these two steps. As
Honored Person Chapman has pointed out, we will certainly be encountering
death more often as the years go by. We should sieze this opportunity to
both find a way to honor those who have passed and try to better
appreciate those who are still with us. Especially the latter, as everyone
who has said "I wish I had thanked her" knows all too well.

        Anyway, I am off trying to make peace and friends with
listmembers with whom I have taken far too long to do so (p.s. Ben
Creisler, I think I owe you an apology too!).

        Later, and thanks for reading,