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Re: [Betty Cunningham passed away]

I've been away from the list for awhile and return to it fully shocked. I had
never even thought that Betty would leave the list (especially so soon). I
have known her presence here for as long as I have been on it and now to see
her go, it is truly a shock. She would always respond to a thread with some
kind of witty rejoinder or tidbit of info and supplied the list with untold
amounts of paleontological info. 

I have only corresponded with her a few times off list, but I have always
loved her ability to dredge every available news source for paleo info and I
thought the idea of paleonews as a digest and separate mailing list was a
brilliant one. Indeed much of the paleo info I posted on my site was from her
paleonews work. I can only hope that someone will take up the mantle and keep
Betty's paleonews dream going.

Rest In Peace Betty; to say that you would be sorely missed would be an
understatement at best.


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