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Stuff about Sue's proportions?

 Dear all

First of all, I'd like to apologize I still use this mailing software which 
doesn't insert breaks in the end of lines. If you'll view this from the 
Archives, it won't be a pleasure. I'll try to switch my stuff in the near 

But, to the main point. Some time ago I read with great interest a message by 
Luis Rey, in which he pointed out that our view of T. Rex has changed; he wrote 
that the skeletal reconstructions of Sue give reason to believe the animal was 
somewhat overweigted, having a shortish tail and much mass in the front (I 
think it was Jaime Headden who offered Rey a more avian gait as a solution to 
the problem). Also, in Rey's eyes, T. Rex's posterior legs are rather short. He 
wrote T. Rex nowdays looks a bit like a torpedo, and criticized a National 
Geographic artist who drew his T. Rexes more traditionally.

Well, I son't think I have yet seen pictures of Sue's skeleton showing these 
properties. Could you give me some references? I don't have access to any 
special special literature, but at least the magazines Scientific American, 
Nature, Science, Journal of Zoology, American Journal of Science, American 
Naturalist, New Scientist and the ones available in the 'net are the ones I 
have access to.

Best wishes
Henri Rönkkö
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