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Re: Details on Agustinia

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<< Relationships-
 Agustinia is a sauropod based on- more than three sacral vertebrae; 
metatarsals I and V with proximal ends subequal in area to metatarsals II and 
IV.  It is eusauropod based on- dorsal neural spines broader transversely 
than anteroposteriorly; metatarsal III 25% or less of tibial length; minimum 
shaft width of metatarsal I greater than II-IV.  Sauropod systematics are 
currently unresolved regarding basal forms such as cetiosaurs and 
euhelopodids, but Agustinia shares several characters with diplodocoids and 
titanosaurids, which would place it in the Neosauropoda. >>

It should also be noted that Bonaparte gave it its own family, Agustiniidae, 
in his 1999 paper (if I remember correctly).