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Contest of Dinosaur Illustration

The following didn't make it straight to the list due to a temporary
problem.  I don't know anything about this contest other than what is
in this message, so please direct replies accordingly.

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@psych.ucsb.edu)

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To: icdi@n2dinosaurs.com
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 13:05:34  0000
From: "Museu da  Lourinha" <icdi@n2dinosaurs.com>
Reply-To: icdi@n2dinosaurs.com
Subject: Contest of Dinosaur Illustration

   The MUSEUM OF LOURINHA, in Portugal, is announcing a CONTEST OF DINOSAUR 
   You are encouraged to participate! 

   See details at http://go.to/icdi

1. Theme: Dinosaurs. Drawings of bones or life like representation of dinosaurs 
are accepted. 
2. Any participant, national or foreign, over 15 years old can participate. 
3. All illustration techniques and materials are accepted. 
4. Format and size: no smaller than A5. Free format. The frame is optional 
although encouraged. 
5. Illustration identification: The illustrations must be sent in 
a closed envelope identified on the exterior with the respective 
pseudonym. Place proper identification (name, age, and contacts 
of the competitor) inside the envelope. This envelope will be open 
after the selection of the drawings. Each illustration should be 
titled (the name of the dinosaur species is preferred). 
6. Illustration selection: The drawings will be selected by its 
scientific precision and technique quality. Drawings of portuguese 
species are preferred (but others species are also accepted) and 
the species fit in its environment (in the case of life reconstitution). 
7. Deadline: 31st of December 2000. Results and prize distribution 
will be in January of 2001 at GEAL (see address below). The results 
will also be announced by Internet and the prizes can be sent by post mail to 
the author. 
8. Prizes: 
1st Prize: 1000 Euro + Books 
2nd Prize: 500 Euro + Books 
3rd Prize: 250 Euro + Books 
And five honourable mentions in the value of 50 Euro each. Participants 
will be able to receive the prize in USD or Portuguese Escudos if 
previously required. 200 PTE ~ 1 Euro ~ 1 USD. 
9. The competition will only take place if there are, at least, 4 competitors. 
11. The illustrations can be sent by post or delivery to the GEAL-Museum 
of Lourinhc. The GEAL - Museum of Lourinhc is not responsible for 
any damages or losses of the material in competition.
12. It is not possible to appeal the jury's final decisions.  
13. Authors can request their drawings at the same address. Illustrations 
can also be returned by post mail, being the costs supported by the 
14. The jury has the right to not attribute any prize, if the lack of quality 
justifies it. 
15. The illustrations in competition will be presented in a temporary 
display at GEAL - Museum of Lourinhc or in the City Council of Lourinhc, 
and by Internet. The organisation has the right to edit a book and 
postcards with the best illustrations. 
16. The author must send the original. Drawing already published are accepted.

Octavio Mateus
International Contest of Dinosaur Illustration
GEAL- Museu da Lourinha
2530 Lourinha
Tel & Fax: (++351) 261 413 995

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