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Re: [Re: The Cretaceous Middle-East]

Evolution is going to really have to be considered, though.  Velociraptor is
going to remain Velociraptor for 60 million years.

 The best thing I can think of doing is evolving some of the Mongolian
dinosaurs.  So what would Velociraptor look like?  Smaller, maybe, turned into
a sort of jackalesque carrion feeder, running around in rag-tag packs?  Much
smaller than the mongolian velociraptor, maybe even the size of a raven.  With
feathers and slicing toes that have dwarfed through lack of use.  And I'm
thinking I want to have a large theropod, like some kind of Allosaur.  I don't
believe that kind of theropod would have feathers, even now.  But what would
it look like?   Let's evolve Afrovenator.  What does it look like now,
isolated in this patch of desert and continually being more and more closed in
by the auspices of civilization?  And what happens to something as bizzare all
ready as Oviraptor philoceratops?  If it fed on mollusks and it had lived in
this oasis of branching rivers in the middle of the Yemen desert, could it or
would it become aquatic?  Just some thoughts. 

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