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Re: Walking Kangarro (was The Cretaceous Middle-East

"Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." wrote:

> Bear was referring to _Lepticidium_ from the Eocene Messel of Germany.
> During the 1980s it was interpreted as a bipedal striding running (like a
> non-avian theropod), and indeed it plots morphometrically amongst theropods
> on hindlimb proportion studies (e.g., Holtz 1995).  However, when that paper
> was being reviewed, Hans Sues (then editor at JVP) indicated that a paper
> was in the works that demonstrated that _Lepticidium_ was indeed a saltatory
> (a hopper), rather than a strider.  I honestly never checked to see if that
> paper came out, so if anyone has details, I'd be happy to hear them!

It could always have done both. Tree kangaroos can both hop across a
thick horizontal branch, or walk/climb using the hind limbs
independantly. For years I had only ever seen them "walking" with the
hind limbs opposing each others movement (ie. like we do). It blew me
away the first time I saw them hop kangaroo-style along a branch. I
didn't know they could do that.


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