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Re: [Re: The Cretaceous Middle-East]

 I want to do animation, too,
so I plan on animating it.
>>Finally, animated dinosaurs.  Computer graphics are all well and good, but I'd
like to see some nice drawings.  My heart yearns for pretty dinosaurs.<<

>>They scavenge and live in the trees of the oasis
because they can't compete with and have to survive the larger theropod
predator <<
Those big sickle-claws would make great climbing tools.  Heck, why partially
arboreal, why not dinosaur monkeys.  They could have toucan bills and eat figs!

>>These maniraptors stand erect quite a bit like meerkats because they have to
be constantly alert when feasting on carion. <<
Why stand up?  That's something silly mammals do; dinosaurs evolve long necks 
little heads and big eyes.  Ever looked at an ostrich?

I like the idea of a velocirapor jackal.  They'd probably be nocturnal.  I'd 
to see the pictures you made of these guys.

I think the most plausible idea of keeping civilization away from the dinosaurs 
that the people who live near the dinosaurs don't tell anybody.  Perhaps the
natives (that is the humans) believe the dinosaur place to be holy, and so won't
let any foreigners near it.  The dinosaurs have to live in a pretty isolated 
anyway (since they haven't escaped and run all over the rest of the world) and 
they might have been discovered only a few hundred years ago.  If you have time,
you may throw in some bits about how the Ottoman empire or the Turks or the 
or all the other civilizations that have conquered that part of the globe had
rumors about the dinosaurs that live there.