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Re: [Re: The Cretaceous Middle-East]

On Wed, 20 Sep 2000, dbensen wrote:

> I think the most plausible idea of keeping civilization away from the 
> dinosaurs is
> that the people who live near the dinosaurs don't tell anybody.  Perhaps the
> natives (that is the humans) believe the dinosaur place to be holy, and so 
> won't
> let any foreigners near it.

I dunno, I liked the idea that they don't think they're anything special
(true of a lot of crypto-beasts). The deinonychosaurs are just running
birds to them, no more marvelous than roadrunners are to people living in
the North American southwest.

It seems as though the dinosaurs should be patterned after Gondwanan
dinosaurs, not Mongolian ones. (Although would still allow for something
similar to deinonychosaurs -- _Rahonavis_, _Unenlagia_, _Megaraptor_, etc.
are Gondwanan.) LK Gondwana was dominated by abelisaurs, titanosaurs,
eumaniraptors (including birds), and hadrosaurs (correct me if I've missed
anything). Carnosaurs were mentioned before, but there's no evidence that
they made it to the end.

A mini-abelisaur might be a cool idea, too (a la _Noasaurus_,
_Ligabueino_, _Velocisaurus_). The natives might see it as a two-legged

Another (non-dinosaurian) possibility would be a quadrupedal, flightless
descendant of something like _Arambourgiania_ (an azhdarchid pterosaur
from Jordan).

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