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Re: Contest of Dinosaur Illustration

In light of what the contest suggests, can anyone name any Portugese 
>dinosaurs off the top of their head?  I'm pretty sure there's been some 
>footprints discovered from there, but I don't recall any dinosaurs.  Maybe 
>someone could help out here...
>And what would the environment have been like there in Portugal?

Lourinhanosaurus (allosaurid-Late Jurassic, 4.5 meters), Lourinhasaurus 
(sauropod-Jurassic, ?? size), and Allosaurus fragilis come to mind.  Actually, 
Allosaurus fragilis is the first specific dinosaur species to be found on two 
separate transatlantic continents!

Yes, there are also a lot of excellent footprints found in Portugal.  A 417 
foot long trackway in Carenque is perhaps most famous.  There are also Middle 
Jurassic tracksites in Galinha and Pedreira, both showing theropod tracks 
(about 60-70 cm long).  

For more information, try to get your hands on a recent New York Times article 
on Octavio Mateus' work, and of course visit Octavio's website ( 
http://homepage.altavista.com/lourinhanosaurus/home.html ).


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