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Re: [Re: The Cretaceous Middle-East]

<I dunno, I liked the idea that they don't think they're anything special
(true of a lot of crypto-beasts). The deinonychosaurs are just running birds
to them, no more marvelous than roadrunners are to people living in
the North American southwest.>

Agreed!  Given the way people are drawn to anything strange or mysterious,
particularly a dangerous animal, the best approach has to be 'hide in plain
sight'.  In fact, given convergence, they would probably look much like the
animals around them in similar niches, to the point that no one looking at
them would see anything special.
The real difference would be potential.  Suppose, for example, these animals
were removed to a place where it was possible to grow much larger and start
the elaborate behaviors mentioned in another post.  Just as a goldfish can
turn into a carp, imagine that these transplanted beasts start to get larger
and toothier and can re-express behaviors and physical attributes that had
You'd have to avoid getting too close to White Fang or Gremlins, or Flowers
for Algernon or Triffids for that matter, but a gradual transformation into
something frightening happening so slowly that people don't realize their
danger sounds like it might be effective.
Maybe they'd like to eat rats...