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Dinosaur History Evolving article in NGS

To Dinolist members:

I am a member of the PaleoNews list as well as this list.

In the past, I occasionally was able to post news articles
prior to Betty. (very occasionally).

In my small effort in remembrance, I will continue to do so.

I sent the following message to the PaleoNews group. In the 
future, I will only send news articles there unless Mickey or
Mary suggest that I include the dinosaur list.

(To Betty...)

Don Lamson, lurker extraordinaire.


By Hillary Mayell
September 21, 2000 

Tyrannosaurus rex is being dethroned as the
king of the dinosaurs. 

Paleontologist Paul Sereno is leading a band of
dinosaur hunters across the scorching sands of
Africa's Sahara Desert, searching for fossils that could
rewrite the history of dinosaurs. The new history may
consign T. rex to a much smaller role in the story of
the largest creatures that ever lived.