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Re: The Cretaceous Middle-East

At 05:00 pm 19/09/00 -0500, maxsalas wrote:
> Perhaps some hidden valley in
>the Himalayas (where  you can put mongolian dinosaurs), or a far out place
>in the Amazonian Andes, or  even somewhere in the Australian outback (they
>keep finding unusual species down  under) like the one where those
>"prehistoric" trees were found a few years  ago.   Max Salas 
        One such place that would conform (maybe) would be in the highlands of 
Zealand.. I mean, the takahe was pretty much isolated, unknown and free to
evolve at its own pace up in the mountainous valleys..

Drawback is, it's dependent on what dinosaurs/palaeo-beasties would have
been there in the first place, when New Zealand set itself free..
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