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Details on "Anabisetia"

Yeah, I know I said I'd cover some dromaeosaurids, but I'd rather wait until I get my files back to do theropod segments.  In the mean time, here's a nomen nudum ornithischian.
"Anabisetia" Coria 1999
"A. saldiviai" Coria 1999
Cenomanian, Late Cretaceous
Huincul Member of Rio Limay Formation, Argentina
material- (MCF-PVPH-74, 75, 76, 77) (2 m) five individuals
Diagnosis- scapula with very strong acromion process; flattened fifth metacarpal; preacetabular process more than 50% of total ilial length; preacetabular process extends anteriorly past prepubic process; ischiadic shaft proximally triangular and distally quadrangular in cross section; tarsus with fibular-astragalar contact.
This species is known from at least five individuals, all about two meters long.
The prepubic process is flattened.  The obturator process is placed proximally.  Metatarsal I is still present with two phalanges, one of which is an ungual.
No further description is added as all additional released anatomical information can be found in the diagnosis and realtionships sections and no illustrations have been published.
Coria places this species in the Iguanodontia based on- dentary with parellel margins; iliac blade with sinuous dorsal margin; femur with deep anterior intercondylar groove; a condylid slightly overlapping the posterior intercondylar groove.  He places it in the Euiguanodontia based on- strong promary ridges on maxillary teeth; well-developed brevis shelf; reduced metatarsal I.  It is a more derived euiguanodontian than Gasparinisaura based on- ischial shaft rounded in cross section and ischial foot present.  Whether this form is the sister group to dryomorphans, a dryosaurid or an ankylopollexian will have to wait until the description is published (Coria and Calvo in press).
Coria, R. A., 1999. Ornithopod dinosaurs from the Neuquén Group, Patagonia, Argentina: Phylogeny and biostratigraphy. in Tomida, Y., Rich, T. H. & Vickers-Rich, P., eds., 1999. Proceedings of the Second Gondwanan Dinosaur Symposium, National Science Museum Monographs #15, Tokyo: 47–60.
Coria and Calvo, in press. A new iguanodontian ornithopd from Neuquen Basin, Patagonia, Argentina. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.
If you want figures of "Anabisetia's" cranial and postcranial remains, just contact me offlist and I'll tell you that none are published yet, so you're out of luck ;-)
Mickey Mortimer