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>>And what is this Greg Bear stuff? Is this a book?<<
Yeah.  It's called Dinosaur Summer.  Greg Bear writes a lot of  science
fiction where he has fun with biology (his latest book is about a human
upgrade built into our genomes.  It sounds pretty Lamarkian, but the genetics
is top notch).  Anyway,  Dinosaur Summer is set in the same world as Arthur
Conan Doyal's The Lost World, and its about a plateu down in Patagonia, where
dinosaurs (as well as some Cenozoic fauna) are still alive.  Greg Bear's "new
dinosaurs" include avisaurs (little archaeopteryx-like dinobirds)
neostruthiomimes (very much like Struthiomimus), ceratopsians, ankylosaurs, a
big allosaur-like predator called _Venator_, and several species of predatory
ground birds.  Oh, and the _Leptictidium_ too.