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Fw: Pachycepholosaurs

Tracy Ford sent the following message to me and asked that I forward it to
the list.
>The head of Pachycephalosaurs is built wrong for any kind of head butting.
>rounded dome, which could easily deflect off each other when they 'hit'.
>With the small rounded 'scutes' on the skull, any glancing blow would
>inflect cuts. I don't buy the 'good eye sight'. They couldn't see each
>when their head was lowered; the dome is in the way. They don't have much
>'stero' vision. The vertebrae are NOT adaptive for shock absorption.
>Carpenter, Kenneth, 1997. Agonistic behavior in pachycephalosaurs
>(Ornithischia: Dinosauria): a new look at head-butting behavior.
>Contributions to Geology, Univeristy of Wyoming, Volume 32, Number 1:
> I've written an article for Prehistoric Times about it also.