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Ichthyosaur restoration

Hello there:

I recently purchased a postcard bearing a restoration (painting) of a pair of 
swimming Shonisaurus, painted by Larry Jacox.  Until seeing this restoration 
I was unaware of the artist or this particular painting.  (The postcard is 
available for sale at the Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park in Nevada.)

If anyone is familiar with this painting, or Mr. Jacox' work, can you please 
reply to this specific e-mail address (i.e. not to the group).

I am interested in learning more about Larry Jacox himself, where the 
Shonisaurus painting is displayed (i.e. in a museum? which??)  and especially 
the date of his Shonisaurus painting (if even approximate).

I will be happy to receive any leads anyone can send my way!

Thank you kindly one & all.