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Re: Allosaurus skull inquiry

In a message dated 9/23/00 1:26:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
abcoulso@unity.ncsu.edu writes:

> 2) In Madson's 1976 Allosaurus osteology monograph, the frontals appear to
>  contribute to the border of the orbit, but on the cast they appear to be
>  pinched out, with the postorbital contacting the prefrontal/lacrimal to
>  exclude the frontal from the orbit. 

In all the illustrations I have seen, the frontal does participate in the 
orbit.  This is clearly the case in the figures from the Madsen osteology.

However, it would be very interesting if an _Allosaurus_ specimen did show a 
contact between the postorbital and lacrimal, as this is the case in 
carcharodontosaurs (and nearly so in _Sinraptor_).

Nick P.