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Re: Terrestrial crocodiles

>Could any provide list of crocodilian taxa that were entirely terrestrial?
>I am aware of the baurusuchids and notosuchids(Is this correct?)
>Did the Baursuchids secondarily become carnivores from an ancestral
>herbivorous state?

These aren't "crocodilians" sensu stricto, but are members of
Crocodyliformes.  "Sebecosuchians" generally are thought to be primarily
terrestrial, though this group is of questionable monophyly.

Within Crocodylia (strict sense), pristichampsines and one mekosuchine
lineage (Quinkana) are thought to have been primarily terrestrial.

Bear in mind, we really don't know whether these things were terrestrial or
not.  A few living crocodylians (Paleosuchus, Osteolaemus) are more
terrestrial than others, but don't really look like putative terrestrial

>Chimerasuchus: what is its affinity?

Unknown; some sort of non-crocodylian crocodyliform.


Very basal crocodyliform.

>Were any of these bipedal like theropods?

Probably not.


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