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RE: Terrestrial crocodiles

>Were any of these bipedal like theropods?

Probably not.

Interesting he should ask that. A new article by Rossmann describes
Pristichampsus rolliantii as being bipedal, or partially. The scutes
interlock and stiffen the back (according to Rossmann, I think, it's all in
German) and the claws are more like a bipedal animal than not.
Rossmann, Torsten, 2000. Studies on Cenozoic crocodilies: 5. Biomechanical
investigation on the postcranial skeleton of the Palaeogene crocodile
Pristichampsus rollinatii (Eusuchia: Pristichampsidae). N. Jb. Geol.
Palaont. Abh. 217, (3): 289-300.
(Full filling a subtle request)
As far as totally terrestrial crocodilomorphs, why not? Notosuchians (some
at least) lived in burrows. Sebosuchians and Pristichampsians have taller
skulls than their aquatic cousins.