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Details on "Dinosaurus" and Morrison ornithomimosaur

Hi everyone.  I got my new scanner (as those of you who requested scans should know already), but I'm off to college tomorrow, so I'll probably only get one or two "Details on..." segments a week done now.  On the plus side, the library at the University of Washington will allow me to get references quicker.  Anyway, here's news on two dinosaurs that should be crossed off peoples lists.
The "Dinosaurus" mentioned in The Dinosaur Society Dinosaur Encyclopedia as being a large theropod from the Late Cretaceous of India known from a caudal vertebra and fragmentary ribs is actually a typo, according to Donald Glut.  Thus, this interpretation of this genus should be removed from anyone's lists (like the Dinosauricon).  Dinosaurus is just a therapsid and a junior synonym of Plateosaurus (or whatever the plateosaur mess turns out to be when it's sorted out).
The "ornithomimosaur" from the Salt Wash Member of the Morrison Formation in Utah (Chure, Madsen and Britt 1993), said to be known from a nearly complete skeleton, is in fact an allosaurid (Jackson pers. comm. to Chure 2000).  Thus, the Kimmeridge Clay ornithomimosaur is the earliest known (excluding the ?abelisaur Elaphrosaurus and the coelophysoid Shuvosaurus).
And look out for another "dinosaur" that will be revealed to be rausuchian soon, but which one........? :-)
Mickey Mortimer