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Today, the Seattle Times' Travel Section ran an article titled "How to avoid 
crime problems in Mexico City."  The article can be summed up with the phrase 
"don't act like a tourist."  The full text of the article can be found at:


Simply put: use common sense and don't walk around with wads of 500 peso 
notes in your hat.  I hope everyone finds their journey a happy one as we 
have less than a month to go.

Speaking of SVP....  I had the oportunity to meet Betty Cunningham last 
October in Denver at SVP99 and I am glad that I had that chance.  I have been 
on the Dinosaur List a long time (since 1995) and not many people are left 
from way back when: Tom Holtz, Jerry Harris, Darren Naish and of course Betty 
C come to mind as having had a constant presense on the list.  She's someone 
I wish we could be a little more like: a person that loved paleontology 
because she loved it, and had no axe to grind nor attitude to cop.  She'll be 

Pete Buchholz

Like to a babe in his mother's robe,
Thou art enshrouded in my love.
With my song I weave a spell:
Evil powers may not approach
Within the powers of my voice:
Only the Gods may enter here
In holiness and love.