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Re: new book


Try www.indiana.edu/~iupress/

However, I just checked and the book isn't listed there yet.  Oops.  But keep 
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Subject: Re: new book
Author:  "Ray Stanford" <dinotracker@earthlink.net> at Internet
Date:    9/25/00 12:32 PM

Hi Jim,
    Could you please post the link to the IU Press website to the Dinosaur
Mailing List?
    Ray Stanford
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Subject: new book
     I'm pleased to announce the newest book in Indiana University Press' 
     paleo series, _Dinosaurs of Darkness_, by Thomas H. Rich and Patricia 
     Vickers-Rich.  This book is an account of their efforts to collect the 
     fossils of polar dinosaurs and other vertebrates from the Early 
     Cretaceous of Australia, often under tricky conditions.  There is also 
     a summary of our present understanding of the circumstances under 
     which these animals lived, and speculation about the biogeographic 
     implications of the Riches' finds.  There are nice black and white and 
     color illustrations of specimens, and restorations of the living 
     beasts.  For more information, have a look at the IU Press website. 
     Jim Farlow
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Subject: Re: new book
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