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Defunct genera and _Pekinosaurus galtoni_ (was Re: Suchomimus' forcula)

Matt Celeskey wrote:

In the Dinosaurs of New Mexico symposium volume (NMMNH Bulletin 17),
Alex Downs reports 4 unarticulated boomerang-shaped bones in blocks
from the Ghost Ranch quarry. They could be _Coelophysis_ furculae, or
possibly gastralia from a small diapsid currently being prepared.

While on the topic, the same paper casts doubt on the validity of the genus _Syntarsus_, and asserts that (1) many of Colbert's reconstructions of _Coelophysis_ were erroneous (and sometimes the illustrations differed from what was given in the text of these descriptions), (2) the "nasal fenestra" of _Syntarsus_ may not exist. Result: the skull and postcrania of _Coelophysis_ and _Syntarsus_ are more alike than hitherto thought (Greg Paul gets kudos in this respect).

This same volume also pronounces the last rites for _Anasazisaurus_ and _Naashoboitosaurus_ (both are junior synonyms of _Kritosaurus navajovius_ - the evidence presented seems convincing), _Camposaurus_ (the "unique" characters of this genus appear to lie within the range of variation seen in _Coelophysis bauri_). _Seismosaurus_ looks like a lost cause (the paper which proposes to sink this genus into _Diplodocus_ will be published elsewhere). _Ornatotholus_ and maybe _Stygimoloch_ also look shaky.

Zounds, dinosaur genera are being sunk faster than new ones are being named.

By the way, one of the papers in this volume (one on Triassic dinosaurs from New Mexico - don't have the volume with me) mentions a _Pekinosaurus galtoni_. I'm assuming this is a typo for _Pekinosaurus olseni_. Does anyone know for sure?

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