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Re: new book

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>Try www.indiana.edu/~iupress/
>However, I just checked and the book isn't listed there yet.  Oops.  But keep 

It is at:

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>Subject: Re: new book
>Author:  "Ray Stanford" <dinotracker@earthlink.net> at Internet
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>Hi Jim,
>    Could you please post the link to the IU Press website to the Dinosaur
>Mailing List?
>    Thanks,
>    Ray Stanford
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>Subject: new book
>     I'm pleased to announce the newest book in Indiana University Press' 
>     paleo series, _Dinosaurs of Darkness_, by Thomas H. Rich and Patricia 
>     Vickers-Rich.  This book is an account of their efforts to collect the 
>     fossils of polar dinosaurs and other vertebrates from the Early 
>     Cretaceous of Australia, often under tricky conditions.  There is also 
>     a summary of our present understanding of the circumstances under 
>     which these animals lived, and speculation about the biogeographic 
>     implications of the Riches' finds.  There are nice black and white and 
>     color illustrations of specimens, and restorations of the living 
>     beasts.  For more information, have a look at the IU Press website. 
>     Enjoy.
>     Jim Farlow
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>Subject: Re: new book
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