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Re: [Re: The Cretaceous Middle-East]

Sounds a little like Greg Bear's Dinosaur Summer (a
rather excellent little book, actually), in which the
dinosaurs discovered by Arthur Conan Doyle's Professor
Edward Challenger still hang out on the same
plateau--with a few evolutionary additions.

Features Willis O'Brien and Ray Harryhausen as
characters.  Infinitely more sensible than Harry
Harrison's West of/East of/Return to Eden novels.

--- dbensen <dbensen@gotnet.net> wrote:
> I think the most plausible idea of keeping
> civilization away from the dinosaurs is
> that the people who live near the dinosaurs don't
> tell anybody.  Perhaps the
> natives (that is the humans) believe the dinosaur
> place to be holy, and so won't
> let any foreigners near it.  The dinosaurs have to
> live in a pretty isolated area,
> anyway (since they haven't escaped and run all over
> the rest of the world) and so
> they might have been discovered only a few hundred
> years ago.  If you have time,
> you may throw in some bits about how the Ottoman
> empire or the Turks or the Romans
> or all the other civilizations that have conquered
> that part of the globe had
> rumors about the dinosaurs that live there.
> Dan

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