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Re: Various subjects

David Marjanovic wrote-
Concerning Iberomesornis and Sinornis (both enantiornithines with reduced mt IV), have all the people interested read the latest Sereno paper (which corrects Sereno & Rao 1992: Sinornis has no gastralia, so no known bird has)?
Arghh!  It's hard to keep up with all the facts sometimes.  No, I haven't read the new Sereno paper (our library stopped getting Neus Jahrbuch in 1993).  Apologies to everyone for stating that Iberomesornis and Sinornis had unreduced fourth metatarsals.  What did the gastralia of Sinornis turn out to be, ribs?
What age is the Kimmeridge Clay? Kimmeridgian?
Indeed it is.
Mickey Mortimer