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Re: Defunct genera and _Pekinosaurus galtoni_

> _Brachyceratops_ and _Monoclonius_ (for the Centrosaurinae)

What have these been sunk into, and why?

> and _Maleevosaurus_ and _Nanotyrannus_ (for the Tyrannosauridae) are four
> more genera who have bit the dust, and to me their passing seems
justified: the
> most parsimonious explanation appears to be that their "diagnostic"
> characters are juvenile/subadult traits.  This only becomes apparent after
> comparison with species for which growth series are known.

I don't know for _Maleevosaurus_, but there are still people going around
saying some skull sutures have fused in _Nanotyrannus_ -- your comment about

> I personally think _Cathetosaurus_ is quite possibly a
> valid genus (it has a few titanosauriform features not seen in
> _Camarasaurus_), and I have doubts about whether _Jurapteryx_ is a young
> _Archaeopteryx lithographica_.


> Tim