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Re: Paleospecies and modern species (was RE: LIONS & TIGERS REVISITED)

>As such, both the splitting and lumping extremes will have to recognize that
>*neither* side is "right"; they simply have two alternative methods of
>dividing up the specimens.  There are good arguments for both sides, but at
>present it is difficult to frame these statements in a testable, falsifiable

Another thing that needs to be appreciated is the difference between
species-level lumping and supraspecific lumping (or splitting).  I've been
called "the Mad Lumper" by more than one croc worker, because I tend to
lump harshly at the species level (for, in my view, good reason); but I
also tend to be a "splitter" at what used to be the "generic" level, as
some modern generic names (Crocodylus, Alligator,etc.) were used very
inappropriately in the past.

Y'all can guess what this will mean for my views of tyrannosaur systematics.


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