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Coelophysis' furcula (was Re: Suchomimus' forcula)

Concerning _Coelophysis_' furcula:

On page 42 of their _Scientific American_ article, "The Origin of Birds and
Their Flight," February 1998, Kevin Padian and Luis M. Chiappe include Ed
Heck's diagram comparing the clavicles, manus, and clavicles/furculae of
various theropods (including the avian _Archaeopteryx_ and _Columba_).  Here
the unfused clavicles of _Segisaurus_ are used as proxy components of the
_Coelophysis_ skeleton because it is claimed that "no _Coelophysis_ clavicles
are well preserved" and _Segisaurus_ is a "close relative of _Coelophysis_."

-- Ralph W. Miller III   (*Note new address)   ralph.miller@alumni.usc.edu