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RE: Relationship to Apatosaurus & Camarasaurus

My mind and fingers were not communicating. As one list member pointed out
these are Chinese dinosaurs. I knew this but had Australia on my mind, just
having looked at an Australian company's website that sells these casts.
Sorry for the confusion, but an answer on the relationship would be greatly

B. Simon

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> From: Simon, Robert (RISI) 
> Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2000 1:39 PM
> To:   'dinosaur@usc.edu'
> Subject:      Relationship to Apatosaurus & Camarasaurus
> I have been reading about the Australian Sauropods. Are any of these, such
> as Kunmingosaurus or Mamenchisaueus for example,  closely related to
> Apatosaurus or Camarasaurus.
> Thanks,
> Bob Simon