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Re: Relationship to Apatosaurus & Camarasaurus

Robert Simon wrote-

> I have been reading about the Australian Sauropods. Are any of these, such
> as Kunmingosaurus or Mamenchisaueus for example,  closely related to
> Apatosaurus or Camarasaurus.

My dinosaur files are still inaccessable, but from memory: "Bashunosaurus"
is supposed to be a camarasaurid, but it's undescribed.  "Hisanohamasaurus"
and "Megacervixosaurus" are undescribed forms from Japan that may be
diplodocoid.  Nemegtosaurus and Quaesitosaurus are considered by some to be
diplodocoids (although Phuwiangosaurus is said to be nemegtosaurid based on
newly found cranial remains, and if that's true nemegtosaurids are
titanosaurs).  Most Asian sauropods, however, are more primitive than
camarasaurids or diplodocids and are often placed in the family
Euhelopodidae (although titanosaurs are common in the Asian Cretaceous).
Kunmingosaurus is probably very basal and Mamenchisaurus is also fairly
primitive, although it's exact relationships are in dispute.

Mickey Mortimer