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Flora and Fauna of the Wealden

Dear all,

It's nearly time for my annual dino hunt to the Isle of Wight and, as an
artist as well as a (very) amateur paleontologist, I would like to do some
reconstructions of the Wealdon enviroment, including any flora, birds,
mammals, dinos and other reptiles known at the moment (as well as assisting
with the identification of any fossils I may find myself!).

Although I have had the pleasure of meeting Steve Hutt and the experts at
the excellent Dinosaur Farm, who has helped with identifying fossils
before, but as I live several hundred miles away this is not that
convenient all the time. So, are there any accessible-for-a-layman web
sites, publications or whatever that will help?

I would prefer skeletal reconstructions to enable my own interpretations of
the animals to be constructed, and plant/insect/fish etc reference. I
relise this is a lot to ask but getting information (i.e. skelteal
reconstructions) and up to date species lists is difficult.

All the best!