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JOKE Re: LIONS & TIGERS REVISITED :) [Requiem for the closing of CATS on Broadway] :)

    Was the message (below) intended for the DINOSAUR mailing list or for
the personal mail of ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER?  :))

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From: "João Simões Lopes Filho" <jodan99@uol.com.br>
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Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2000 10:48 AM

About a different point of view about Felidae phylogeny:
BININDA-EMONDS, O.R.P.; GITTLEMAN, J.L. & PURVIS, A. : Building large trees
by combining phylogenetic information: a complete phylogeny of the extant
Carnivora (Mammalia). in Biologic Reviews (1999), 74, pp.143-175. Cambridge
Philosophical Society.
There, the Cats are divided in
1. Cheetah
2. Other ones, divided into:
2.1 jaguarundi (Herpailurus yaguaroundi) + puma
2.2 other ones, divided into:
2.2.1 Asian leopard cats
2.2.2 other ones, divided into: Serval+Caracal+Manul+Felis other ones, divided into: South American spotted cats (we call them in Brazil "maracajas") other ones, divided into Golden cats other ones, divided into Lynxes and Big Cats
(Pardofelis+Neofelis+Snow leopard+tiger+jaguar+leopard+lion)

Joao SL