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Re: worrying decline

Obviously no description is going to be as good as to see the real
specimen (if you can, go see the specimen). But several times (not very
often I have to agree) when looking at specimens in collections, I was
unable to collect more information than that already available in the
literature. Maybe this tells more about me than about the literature,
but I still do think that proper descriptive works have their place in
our science.<

I agree. There is no subsitute for going and measuring the specimen yourself (or, failing that, having someone close to the specimen measure it). This is precisely the situation I am in currently. Being in Arizona, I cannot very well just go out to UCMP on a whim and take my measurements of _Dilophosaurus_. I will have to rely on the literature. However, I can go up to the Museum of Northern Arizona (which is what I am doing later today), and take all the measurements I want of the _Coelophysis_ specimens there. Nothing beats doing the research yourself, but having descriptive literature is good, especialy if the specimen is not somewhere accesible.

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