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Re: Regarding a couple of books

Jordan Mallon wrote:

>Briefly, I am considering purchasing one of two books (or perhaps both, 
>should it suit my fancy) but wish to know a little more detail about them.  
>If anyone could send me a little background information on the following two 
>titles, I would very much appreciate it:
>1. Dinosaurs, a Global View
>2. Dinosaurs: Past & Present

I have the former and as far as art is concerned, it is chock-full of Doug
Henderson's renditions, along with illustrations from John Sibbick and Mike
Hallett, and a couple of sculptures from Stephen Czerkas. It is written in
a chronological fashion, starting with a prelude of the Permian. It thus
attempts to set up the backdrop into the evolution of the dinosaurs and how
they succeeded the thecodonts and therapsids before them. An interesting
tale is that before I bought it, I had already read Bakker's The Dinosaur
Heresies (while a college freshman still not convinced about staying in
geology), and my impressionable mind was fully convinced of the truth of
all his arguments. After reading the Czerkas and Olsen book, I started
having doubts as many of their own statements contradicted Bakker's. I
ended up not automatically believing each and every argument in either
book, instead reading others' opinions as well.

Raymond Thaddeus C. Ancog
Mines and Geosciences Bureau