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Disney Dinosaur Release dates in Europe, Asia, etc.

For those of you who don't live in North America, the following is an
official list of the release dates for the Disney Dinosaur movie for the
rest of the inhabited world.

We'll post this along with some additional articles (including an
interview with Mark Hallett) in the very near future at D.I.G.  Follow
the links on the frontpage.

United Kingdom  10/13/00
Czech Repub.    11/9/00
Austria         11/16/00
Germany         11/16/00
Switzerland             11/16/00
Swiss-German    11/16/00
Norway          11/17/00
Sweden          11/17/00
Denmark         11/17/00
Finland         11/17/00
Slovakia                11/23/00
Netherlands             11/23/00
Bulgaria                11/24/00
Yugoslavia              11/24/00
Spain                   11/24/00
Greece          11/24/00
Poland          11/24/00
Hungary         11/24/00
Iceland         11/24/00
Portugal                11/24/00
France          11/29/00
Belgium         11/29/00
Swiss-French    11/29/00
Italy                   12/1/00
Romania         12/1/00
Latvia                  12/8/00
Estonia         12/8/00
Lithuania               12/8/00
Baltic States           12/8/00
Croatia         12/8/00
Slovenia                12/14/00
Ukraine         12/15/00
Russia          12/15/00
Azerbaijan              12/15/00
Lebanon         12/21/00
Jordan          12/27/00
Gulf States             12/27/00
Egypt                   12/27/00
Kenya                   TBA-2000
Bosnia/Herzegovina      TBA-2000
Turkey          1/19/01

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