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> From: by way of "Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." <th81@umail.umd.edu>
> [mailto:darren.naish@port.ac.uk]
> My first book came out today. Is...
> Martill, D. and Naish, D. 2000. _Walking With Dinosaurs The
> Evidence_. BBC (London), ISBN 0-780563-537434.


> _Deinosuchus_ is an alligator (in the series
> it was a crocodile),

I actually tried to get that fixed in the script (although it was too late
for the model, which had already been filmed), because Chris Brochu's papers
related to that were JUST coming out when it was time to review the text!

> Obviously all the series consultants get a mention in the introduction.

Woo hoo!  More free press! :-)

> However, wherever possible we mention people when they have done
> work which contributed to the outcome of the series. Among those we
> pay homage to are Sankar Chatterjee (_Postosuchus_), Gillian King
> (dicynodonts), Hans Sues (dicynodonts), Robert Reisz (dicynodonts),
> Willem Hillenius (RTs), Dan Chure (Aussie 'allosaur'), Charles
> Deeming (ichthyosaur embryos), Walter Coombs (swimming
> dinosaurs and ankylosaurs), Mike Taylor (gastroliths), Dino Frey
> (pterosaurs and sexing theropods), Tom Rich and Patricia Vickers-
> Rich (_Leaellynasaura_ and K polar climate) Chris Brochu (work on
> Sue), Nessov, Osborn, Molnar, Czerkas, Erickson, Brett-Surman,
> Flannery, Myhrvold and Currie, Riggs, Alexander, Lockley, Dodson,
> Wellnhofer, Kirkland, Welles.... even Bakker.

It sounds like a great book.  I look forward to seeing it.

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