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Re: New member of the list/hadrosaurs

Were South American Hadrosaurs basal members of a Gondwanan group that
reached Asiamerica or immigrants from Asiamerica who reached South America?
North AMerican Alamosaurus seems to be an immigrant from South America,
where Titanosaurs were common. Marsupials and archaic placentals seems to
have reached South America during Late Cretaceous, so it's not impossible to
propose tha same path to Hadrosaurs.

Joao SL
Rio de Janeiro
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From: Fabio Marco Dalla Vecchia <fabdalla@box1.tin.it>
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Sent: Thursday, September 28, 2000 3:46 AM
Subject: New member of the list/hadrosaurs

> Hi guys,
> I do not know your customs, but since I am a new member of the list I
> introduce myself.
> Because of my poor English you surely understood that I am not Anglosaxon.
> In fact I am an Italian paleontologist working mainly on Mesozoic
> My Ph.D. thesis was about Triassic pterosaurs but beginning from 1993 I
> dedicated my efforts to the study of the dinosaur evidence in the Adriatic
> region (and nearby regions) of central Tethys. The Adriatic region NOW
> corresponds mainly to part of Italy and the states of the former
> (Slovenia, Croatia, etc.). If someone is interested, I can send a list of
> my pubblications.
> Now, I would be very interested (and in another messageI will explain why)
> to know the most updated theory (and/or the most popular one) about the
> origin of hadrosaurs (taxonomy and region of origin).
> Fabio M. Dalla Vecchia
> Museo Paleontologico Cittadino
> Via Valentinis 134
> I-34074 - Monfalcone