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Any Feathered Dinosaurs on Video?

Are there any commercially available dinosaur documentaries on VHS that
show the Chinese non-avian dinosaurs which exhibit the fossilized
remains of a filamentous integument or feathers?

I know that there was a National Geographic Explorer program on cable
television (which I do not have) which included a segment on the
feathered dinosaurs, but only the Paul Sereno segment from that
broadcast is available for purchase (through the National Geographic
Society web site).  I don't know; maybe someone is editing out
_Archaeoraptor_ as I write this.  There was also a segment on a BBC news
program with a computer generated _Caudipteryx_ some time back, but so
far as I know it isn't for sale either.

Given that neither "Walking With Dinosaurs" nor Disney's "Dinosaur"
chose to feature any feathered non-avian dinosaurs, I'm wondering if
there is anything out there on video that shows something of the Yixian
finds, either as fossils or as restorations (or both).  If not, how much
longer will we have to wait?  (Hint, hint, documentary producers).

-- Ralph W. Miller III   ralph.miller@alumni.usc.edu