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Re: Babies and Ecology

On Thu, 28 Sep 2000, dbensen wrote:

>     After all, baby crocodiles (if they are not being fed by their
parents) must hunt.  Logically,
> baby crocs would hunt smaller prey then their parents, and so would
make a different impact on
> their environment then adult crocs.

What you're talking about is a real phenomenon--don't know if it has a
name, but shifting from one prey to another as a species passes through
different age classes must depend upon two main things: the disparity
between hatchling and adult size (thus extending period of time in small
age class), and parental care.  Crocs may be very good models for
dinosaurs.  But also, check out ostriches (all ratites).  Although the
parents provide physical protection, I don't believe they provision their
young (need to check)--and at least part of their diet is animal.